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The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

You get the 4th edition of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, all 180+ pages. You will get detailed and unique troubleshooting and educating material. This pairs amazingly with Starve Mode. It has all those little things about fat loss you may have missed like:

- Fat Loss Training (what to do and what NOT to do)
- Progress Charting (the right way and trends)
- Mindset For Fat Loss (you need all the help you can get!)
- Common Mistakes (and a few uncommon)
- Myths and Tips (these things can made a world of difference)
- Much more...

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot - Audiobook

You get the 4th edition of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and all 180+ pages in audio format. Personally, I love audiobooks. I use them as much as I can because I am a busy person and love getting my information while driving, training, or running errands. Instead of having to make a choice of one or the other, I give you both. The format is in MP3 form.

F80 - Fat Loss Program

F80 is the official training program of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot. It provides you nutrient education, cardio, strength, and mobility program. It helps you achieve fat loss on a whole different level and with total control.

You will also be supplied with the F80 Calculator that will help you see results happening before you eyes, even if the scale is playing tricks on you.
This program also provides logs and exercise descrptions.

Goal Sheet

Goal setting is crucial to your success in fat loss and in life. This goal sheet is made especially for you to map out the course of your work and plans while going through this journey.

Body By Eats - Preview Cookbook

You get some of the best recipes that Body By Eats has to offer including:
- Perfect Protein Eggs
- Chocolate PB Souffle
- Artichoked Chicken
- Na Na Naan Pizza
- and many more.

All recipes include nutritional stats and measurements both in scale weight and spoon/cup devices.